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T.W. Lawrence is an award winning author of Western fiction set in 1880s Texas. He is published through Luckenback Press, as well as in regional publications such as The Chattahoochee Review, Flourish Magazine, Georgia Backroads,  North Fulton Living, Custom Home Magazine,  The Sunday Paper, and a column in County Line Magazine. He is a regular speaker at Rotary clubs, book clubs, and writers organizations. He holds a Masters of Arts in Professional Writing, Graduate Certification in Writing: Screenwriting, and Georgia Film Academy Production Certification .

“My goal is to write the stories people remember”


  • When I was a kid, I used to go to the movies on Saturday afternoons and watch American heroes known as cowboys. The good guys wore white hats and the bad ones had black hats–the good guys always won. They lived by a code of conduct that included respecting your elders, love of God and country, keeping your word, and a strong work ethic. Dusty and the Cowboy reminded me of those movie afternoons. The author paints word pictures that had me clearly seeing each believable character, feeling the heat, and tasting the dust. Each story has an encouraging message that is good for all ages. I hope the next book will be available soon so I can continue down the trail with DUSTY AND THE COWBOY!

  • Aside from the re-runs of old westerns that I watched growing up, prior to reading the DUSTY AND THE COWBOY – I never really ventured into Western Fiction. However, growing up in Texas you hear the stories and see the remnants of the culture everywhere. So, when I first listened to the audio book version of DUSTY AND THE COWBOY – I immediately was drawn in. The writing tone, the pace of the story, and the character building combined together make an experience that will have you on the edge of your seat wondering, “What’s going to happen next?” I definitely recommend DUSTY AND THE COWBOY to all that love westerns, cowboys, and Texas.

  • That was fun! The DUSTY AND THE COWBOY audio stories were a ball. It is almost as though these were written specifically to be performed. The narrator does them justice for sure, and I almost felt that I was there. The stories themselves are long enough to thoroughly engage the reader, but short enough to finish the whole thing in a commute. And thematically the stories are both entertaining and enlightening. Great Texas fun can be found here.

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  • Good Read. Great book that will have you wanting to read the next story.

  • DUSTY AND THE COWBOY written by T.W. Lawrence is a group of short stories that follow the Cowboy and his companion (the horse) Dusty in a series of situations that reflect the characters search for his place in life….a closer walk with the Lord. The lessons learned are suitable for all age groups and will leave readers with a desire to find and complete their own path/journey. I found that the Cowboy’s search for one’s self through our creator parallels my own search for Christ and self. I would definitely recommend the companion CD narrated by Moby. My only complaint (if you can call it that)is after completing DUSTY AND THE COWBOY I found myself eager to read the follow-up book which is unavailable due to it is still in the works. Thanks T.W Lawrence for writing so close to my heart!!

  • Just a passing glimpse of the cover on this collection should be enough to warm the heart. These stories are about much more than a man and his horse and T.W. Lawrence has created an ongoing journey that entices the reader to saddle up and ride along. Each encounter is formed with detailed imagery through exceptional writing. Cowboy becomes the reader’s friend much like Dusty is his and, through his encounters on the trail, we often receive an open invitation for self examination. Lawrence gives us a chance to feel — laughter, sadness, tolerance, hope, humility — and to believe that, with faith, we can all know a better way. Well done and the audio version, narrated by Moby, is worth listening to over and over.

  • This book took me on a journey to a place and time I dreamed of when I was young and wished I was a cowboy. Well I just got off of Dusty, because I felt being a part of each chapter and story! T.W.’s vocabulary and and reference to time & places make it so real. One example is the men reading a paper that was not even a year old yet! I could go on & on but I’d rather order the books I haven’t read yet. I also listened to the audio cd, my first to listen too. My wife and one of my granddaughters listened while on a short trip. I felt like I left in a car and got to my destination and climbed down out of a saddle!

  • As a native Texan from Amarillo, as a writer whose favorite author is Larry McMurtry, as a reader who is constantly in search of gems, I am delighted DUSTY AND THE COWBOY found me. The simple yet artful prose and Old West dialogue had me smiling immediately. The nuggets of faith and inspiration soon had me teary-eyed. Looking forward to more now that I have discovered T.W. Lawrence.

  • I just finished listening to the track titled TRADE SECRETS. I cannot get over the clarity of the descriptions in the audio. One feels if that you are right there watching and listening to what is going on before our very eyes. That is special. It takes a special writer to be able to draw the reader, in this case listener, into the scene with the characters. Excellent cowboy down to earth writing. Highly recommended, if you are into western stories, this is well written and the audio is first class.

  • I envy those who travel well as I bore easily. To overcome that boredom I quickly turn to a podcast or an occasional audio book. I recently listened to the audio short stories of erstwhile Texan now Georgia transplanted author T.W. Lawrence. While I have no Texas or cowboy background I am of an age that I can recollect Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy as boyhood heroes who left us with moral messages. Listening to the stories woven by the author took me back to that time. I found his pieces to carry comforting messages as the unnamed hero seems to appear from the fog intertwining problem solving with philosophical morsels worth tucking away for later use. A worthwhile listen as you might come away feeling better of the effort.

  • I am not generally a western fan by any means, but a recent guest left this at my house. I picked it up to glance through it and ended up reading three stories before my first cup of coffee.
    The story follows a cowboy and his horse as they have encounters with others along the trail. Each one leaves an impression and has a thought-provoking ending.
    It’s good story-telling with some insights that actually made me reflect on my own life a little bit, the biscuits story in particular. That was my favorite. I actually came online to see what else this guy wrote.

  • The collection of short stories in DUSTY AND THE COWBOY are not just about a cowboy and his horse but rather captivating stories that are thought provoking and filled with life lessons, faith and belief in God’s plan. T.W. paints a picture with his words in a way that will make the reader feel as though they are there living the cowboy life. The stories are easy to understand that will keep you engrossed from beginning to end. The audio version is narrated by Moby, and when you hear it, you will know that no other voice could take on the role of the Cowboy as magnificently as he does.

  • DUSTY AND THE COWBOY was a great story to read. I don’t believe there is a better narration that can simplify in words the feeling we all have when life turns confusing and even simple choices are hard to make. Dusty reminded me how important it is to include God on my everyday decisions.

    While narrating Dusty in Spanish I tried to express the sense of confusion and need of spiritual help. I put myself in the same position I’ve endured many times in my life and just let the words flow with all those emotions. I think this is the most sincere way to project the true message of Dusty.

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  • Once again, T.W. Lawrence captured the spirit of the West in his latest work, DUSTY AND THE COWBOY. He also infused the tale of his character, “Cowboy,” with a spiritual journey as well. The author’s creative voice is embodied in the rich reading by Moby. Much like Larry McMurtry, T.W. Lawrence knows the ways of the trail, and the horse, Dusty, takes the rider and the reader to another time and place that is vividly portrayed.

  • This book is terrific. I carried it to work and then home with me, reading each of the stories in a different place. I got to know The Cowboy very quickly and looked forward to each passage to see how he would react to the next situation. Thanks to T.W. Lawrence for taking us on this journey. More, please.

  • DUSTY AND THE COWBOY took me to a place I’d never actually been, yet to a place that resonated within to the point that made me feel as if I had. T.W.’s explicit imagery made me feel as if I had saddled up quietly alongside and could almost smell the dust along that path. We all come to a crossroads at some point in our lives, and this tale is a refreshing take on how faith, in even the most unsuspecting way, is always a part of our journey.

  • I’ve taken many trails over the last seven decades and I was delighted to come across this one. I experienced entertainment, nostalgia, and a touch of faith renewal, all in a short time. Good voice, well narrated, and wonderful imagery. I am looking forward to the next works. Highly recommended to all, from little squirts to fellow grey heads.

  • I have the privilege of listening to the audio version while dealing with morning traffic. T.W Lawrence does a fantastic job of creating mental images of his characters and creating some thought provoking about your own life and how these short stories can relate. MOBY is definitely the best narrator and I can’t imagine the story without him

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  • My 9-yr-old son and I have enjoyed listening to this book in the car together. For me it’s been inspirational and I love how T.W. manages to replace all the craziness on my mind with a vivid image of the cowboy and his adventures. For my son, it’s just a great story which he enjoys listening to with me.

  • I’ve just started reading DUSTY AND THE COWBOY, and I’ve greatly enjoyed the first two stories. It’s exciting to learn more about cowboy culture, and I’ve been encouraged by the spiritual themes that occur throughout the book. Looking forward to reading more by T.W.!

  • In both the English and Spanish versions, T.W. Lawrence does a marvelous job of weaving together the rustic story of a seemingly distant lone cowboy, to the struggles and challenges in our everyday life, and the role faith plays in guiding our path.

  • I enjoyed listening to this Audible version of Dusty and the Cowboy on my daily commute. Moby does a wonderful job of bringing the T. W. Lawrence story to life!!

  • As T.W. Lawrence shares the journey of DUSTY AND THE COWBOY the reader is drawn to saddle up. Enjoyable read and a memorable listen on the audio version.

  • T.W. Lawrence makes me long for the solitude of the western Texas range. The engrossing story brings thought of a simpler age and place. Thanks for the break in my hectic life.

  • Great series! I recommend highly!

  • Really enjoyed this book, the written keeps you interested and Moby did an excellent job. Makes me want to ride through Texas.


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