Cowboy rides the trail chasing answers. Questions worry his soul and sometimes haunt
his dreams. Listen to the story of that journey:

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Our Mission

Our goal is not to sell books and audios. Instead, our intent is to tell good stories about a time and place that is dear to our hearts. Our hope is that, like the character Cowboy, you will want to know more about the answers found in Scripture.


The Story Line

He asked for God’s help. In answer, Cowboy got a journey. Now he’s headed up the trail one last time.

The big cattle drives have ended. In their place, Cowboy finds barbed wire and railroads. He asks for God’s guidance. in answer he gets a journey. Cowboy rides the trail alone one last time with Dusty, his horse of many years. Along the way, strangers, rough stock, and circumstance cause him to confront the man he really is and what’s missing from his soul. In his coat pocket he carries a small Bible.


Buckskin. Tall horse for the breed. Steady, sure-footed, and dark eyed. The big stallion follows every move that Cowboy takes. He carries that wrangler over countless miles without missing a step. Cowboy swears that Dusty will nod in agreement or shake withers to disagree whenever the cowpoke share his secrets with that bronco.


Lanky, easy going, thick mustache. As a cowpoke, he was more than fair. He can rope and ride with the best of them. He is a natural at handling livestock, and he can toss a steer without much trouble. Cowboy carries a sharp knife at his hip and a Bible verse on parchment in his vest pocket.


Born along the River Walk in San Antonio, T.W. Lawrence was raised at the edge of the Hill Country near Helotes. He is an award winning author of Western fiction set in 1880s Texas. His work is published by Luckenbach Press, as well as by numerous regional publications. He is a regular speaker at civic clubs, writing clubs, and a growing number of Cowboy churches. He holds a Masters of Arts in Professional Writing degree.

“What you done or what you ain’t, that’s between you and God Almighty. I got chore enough minding after my own fretful soul.”

Author, T.W. Lawrence


“Just a passing glimpse of the cover on this collection should be enough to warm the heart. These stories are about much more than a man and his horse and T.W. Lawrence has created an ongoing journey that entices the reader to saddle up and ride along. Each encounter is formed with detailed imagery through exceptional writing. Cowboy becomes the reader’s friend much like Dusty is his and, through his encounters on the trail, we often receive an open invitation for self examination. Lawrence gives us a chance to feel — laughter, sadness, tolerance, hope, humility — and to believe that, with faith, we can all know a better way. Well done and the audio version, narrated by Moby, is worth listening to over and over.”

Beverly Gay

“I am not generally a western fan by any means, but a recent guest left this at my house. I picked it up to glance through it and ended up reading three stories before my first cup of coffee. The story follows a cowboy and his horse as they have encounters with others along the trail. Each one leaves an impression and has a thought-provoking ending.

It’s good story-telling with some insights that actually made me reflect on my own life a little bit. The story, BISCUITS, in particular. That was my favorite.

I actually went online to see what else this guy wrote.”

Hy Peterson


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